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 CAPTCHA  CAPTCHA is an external service, in which can be used to determine whether a user is human, or not. Automated code known as bots are often used to automatically sign up to websites, in order to post spam, adverts etc. Therefore adding a captcha method is one form in which to prevent this.  You can set up a captcha on your site from the 'CAPTCHA' tab with the spam prevention section, where you will be able to choose from one of the following      Invisible reCAPTCHA - Users do not need to do anything. The system intelligently detects if the user is human in the background.     reCAPTCHA V2 - The user clicks a "I'm not a robot" checkbox     keyCAPTCHA - The user must complete simple jigsaw puzzle     hCaptcha- The user must click a checkbox and may be require to select certain images from a grid  For each of these services, you are required to create a (free) API key in order to use them. You will find a link to this under the key section related to the selected service.   Important Note: Google has discontinued reCAPTCHA v1 and this service is no longer available. If you are using Invision Community 4.2 or below, you will need to reset your CAPTCHA service preference to reCAPTCHA 2 or keyCAPTCHA. 


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